Common Core and Mathnasium

Sep 15, 2015 | Rancho Penasquitos

At Mathnasium, we understand the Common Core. The Common Core attempts to closely integrate number sense and critical thinking skills and, as such, has even more in common with the Mathnasium approach than previous state standards.

The Mathnasium program has always complemented and supplemented existing math programs used in public and private schools. Our support for the Common Core will be no different. While it is not our intention to be strictly “aligned” with the CCSSM (call us for details), our support for those Mathna- sium students in Common Core classrooms is unwavering.

The creators of Mathnasium assessments and curriculum materials are acutely aware of the trends in mathematics education while keeping in mind that many trends come and go. They are excellent at identifying the best methods of teaching math the way that makes sense to kids and creating innovative content that leads each student to true mastery of the concepts and skills necessary for success in the math classroom and in life.


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Common Core and Mathnasium

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