Jul 24, 2018 | Rancho Penasquitos

Mathnasium is dedicated in helping children learn and understand and  math.  Our  dedication does not end there.  In efforts to assist all children with math and STEM education, we have partnered with National PTA in their STEM + Families Initiative.  You can learn more about this initiative here:  As part of those efforts, we'd like to offer our assistance to our local schools in hosting a Math Night.


Math Nights are turn-key 2-hour events featuring engaging games developed by Mathnasium to involve families and increase interest in STEM subjects through an enjoyable and shared math experience.  Our goal is to get to know local families and show them that math can be fun.


Here's more!!!  Mathnasium sponsors the 2018 National PTA Math Grants.  If you are or you are in touch with your local school's PTA, be the tool to deliver this wonderful news! 

Register your PTA thru

Register fast!  Application ends August 31st, 2018.


We’d also love to find out if there is a date this fall that would work best for your school and to give you more details about these fun and engaging events. Just give us a call.


For more detailed information, please visit below link: