7 Fun Math Games

Jan 26, 2021 | Redmond

Since we are only halfway through the winter, we thought it would be the perfect time to share some fun games to play while escaping the cold!  There are many fun board games that make children think critically and develop  a strategy.  This allows them to become stronger problem solvers whether they're trying to beat their sibling in a game or trying to solve a tricky math problem.

  1. ​​Blockus
    Blockus is a family friendly game for up to four players ages 7 and up.  Players use tetris-like pieces to expand territory and try to block their opponents from expanding their own.  It is a great game to develop spatial reasoning and strategy and only takes about 30 minutes to play!
  2. 4 Way Countdown
    This simple wooden game is perfect for practicing basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.  Up to four players compete by rolling two dice and adding, subtracting, multipling, and dividing the rolled numbers into the numbers 1-10.  Whoever gets there first, wins!
  3. Connect 4
    This classic two-player game is a competition to see who can get 4 in a row first.  The more children play this game the more the strategy will devleop as they recognize patterns.
  4. Set
    Set is a unique card game that relies on quick pattern recognition.  Each card contains 4 features: color, shape, number, and shading.  A set is made when 3 cards are collected that are either all the same or completely different. 
  5. 24
    24 is a popular math game found in classrooms.  Each card has four numbers on it and players are challenged to use each number once to make 24 using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  There are three different levels of difficulty so it's fun for all ages!
  6. Battleship
    Battleship is great 2 person strategy game where each person hides a fleet of ships in the water and their opponent must try to find them.  An excellent way to start learning how to read a coordinate grid!
  7. Mastermind
    Mastermind is an exciting code breaking game.  One person creates a code and the other player must use logic and deductive reasoning to try to crack it in less than 10 moves.  There's over 2,000 different combinations, so you're bound to have a different experience every time!

Whether it's a game on this list or a different one, try to take the time to show your mathlete that math isn't always solving problems with numbers and taking tests.  It's also about having fun, thinking critically, and developing a strategy.  This is the exact reason we always end our Mathnasium lessons with a game!