Mathnasium Summer 2015

Apr 21, 2015 | Redmond

Summer has always been fun at Mathnasium of Redmond.  I try to keep the center fairly informal and low key during the school year (always aware of the stresses our students face - seemingly earlier and earlier each year).  

Summer provides a unique opportunity for our students to face difficult concepts without having to worry about classroom performance or grades.  They can learn for the sake of learning.  

Another advantage of attending Mathnasium during summer is that our flexible learning plans allow us to preview some of the more difficult topics the students will face over the coming year.  Even if they don't make much traction during the summer, once the concepts are introduced in the classroom, the student isn't seeing it for the first time and can face the concepts with increased confidence.  

Lastly, we have always taken every opportunity we can to provide unexpected opportunities to our students in the summer.  In the past, we've had several summer events - our Wednesday game day sessions (1pm - 2pm every Wednesday in the summer) have seen games, contests, prizes, and even special guests from the community - just one of the many ways we keep the "break" in summer break for our students.