Students learn and earn at Mathnasium of Redmond's Math Triathlon

Apr 5, 2010 | Redmond

Mathnasium of Redmond held its second annual Math Triathlon on April 3 at the Mathnasium Learning Center, 16564 Cleveland St. in Cleveland Square.

More than 90 students from grades 3-6 participated.

The Math Triathlon included "skip counting, magic squares and mental math." All math problems were grade-level approrpriate and encouraged students to use conceptual methods to arrive at answers.

The top three finishers in each grade earned cash prizes of $100, $75 or $50 for first, second and third place, respectively.

Between each event, students learned fun math tricks for impressing family and friends, including dice tricks, multiplication tricks and square root calculations for the older students.

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