New Years at Mathnasium

Jan 5, 2024 | Reston


At this time of year many people are evaluating their past year and making resolutions to help their new year play out better than ever. It’s important to not only set goals for healthy eating and getting more physical exercise - but also to set goals for math and learning!

We’ll be talking to students about setting a math-y resolution during their visits this month and encouraging them to pick a topic they’ll be “greater than” in the upcoming year. Students will all have the opportunity to fill out the New Year’s Resolution sign and take a photo to commemorate their goal for 2024!

Participating at Home + More Resources

Printable New Year’s Resolution Sign

If your student won’t be in the center this month, either because they’re attending online or because they’re taking a break from Mathnasium, you can print out the New Year’s Resolution sign at home for your student to fill out! Or, if your child is feeling more creative, you can create your own sign declaring the math topic(s) that your child is going to focus on mastering in 2024. Make sure to share your photos with us, either by email or on social media!

Download the New Year’s Resolution Sign Here

The Importance of Setting Math Goals

Whether a child is falling behind because they struggle with the material or because they’re not being sufficiently challenged, research shows that empowering students to make their own decisions with regard to their education increases levels of engagement, and improves academic performance!

Visit our blog to learn more, and for a collection of other math resources!

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