Order is Everything!!! Why Learning Math Out of Sequence Will Hurt Your Student

Jul 6, 2021 | Rosemont

Ever got your clothes on in the wrong way? It doesn't give you the desired result, right? 

What about loading up the family for a roadtrip? You wouldn't get far if you forgot to fill up the car with gas!

Order matters. We keep things in sequence when we're cooking, cleaning, working, and especially when we're learning. 

Math is a buildable subject. It makes the most sense when it's taught in the correct order. When students have a firm grasp of that order, they develop something called "procedural fluency.” David Ginsberg from Education Week explains, "Procedural fluency refers to knowledge of procedures, knowledge of when and how to use them appropriately, and skill in performing them flexibly, accurately, and efficiently."

Taking any single math concept out of succession detrimentally affects students. How are they supposed to understand graphing equations if they missed the lesson about quadrants and what the X and Y axes are?

The trouble is that kid's attention, and even attendance, isn't perfect. It's pretty likely that somewhere down the line, an important math concept will get missed. Thankfully, parents have an option with Mathnasium. Sign up today .

Wrong order

Lucy came to Mathnasium frustrated because she struggled to add numbers at school. Once we figured out she hadn't mastered counting yet, it helped us get her math foundation put in place and adding became much easier!

For many years, Mathnasium of Blue Bell has been filling in the gaps left from missed (or misunderstood) math lessons. Our specially-trained Mathnasium Instructors are pros at getting math skills straightened out and in the right order. We tutor students from all over . Those kids are experiencing great success now. 90% of them saw an improvement in their school grades!

One parent noticed, "My 10th grader is in Pre-AP math and thought he grasped all the concepts. However, through the learning plan at Mathnasium, he realized he didn't understand everything completely. He is now more confident in his knowledge and ability to perform calculations correctly."

If your student has missed some crucial lessons in their math education, now is the time to rectify it. Mathnasium of Blue Bell is ready to get your student excited and confident about math. Call us today .