A Summer Opportunity

Apr 2, 2021 | Sammamish

It is no secret that many students are struggling due to school disruption during the pandemic. Standardized test scores are down[1], motivation levels are slipping worldwide[2,3], and even those earning A's may not be getting the depth of understanding they need for future courses.[4] Out of all topics, mathematics has been the most impacted.[5] As overwhelming as it may feel, this summer presents students the perfect opportunity to overcome any setbacks and gain that deeper knowledge. 

Typically, this is the time of year when we would start talking about how nearly three months without regular math practice can lead to learning loss. 

This year, students started behind due to shutdowns,[6] and without additional support, the gaps created are likely to cause future difficulty in class.

It is not an exaggeration to say that a student's experience in school can have lifelong effects. One study found that a student's math classroom experience can change their interest in pursuing STEM careers, with positive experiences correlating significantly with higher interest.[7] 

"Grace is progressing beautifully at Mathnasium. Her teacher praised her math progress at her recent conference and called it remarkable. Best of all her confidence in her own ability is growing by leaps and bounds. Mathnasium has been a remote schooling life saver and we will continue even after in-person begins."

— Amber D., Mathnasium of Sammamish Parent

According to their parents, 90% or more of Mathnasium's students see improvement in their attitude towards math, grades, and understanding.[8]

"Best of all, we hear from them how math is not so intimidating for them now. In fact, they actually look forward to getting out of the house and jumping on their bikes to ride to Mathnasium for their tutoring sessions, even in February now when it's overcast and a bit chilly here in Sammamish. Mathnasium has been a life saver for our family as our children are now catching up in math after losing so much ground due to online learning challenges."

— Brian B., Mathnasium of Sammamish Parent

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