How to Experience Mathnasium RISK FREE!

Aug 30, 2021 | Santa Monica

Have you been considering enrolling your student at Mathnasium of Santa Monica? Maybe you've heard that tutoring is worth the investment. A recent article from Education Week says,

"....tutoring is the original “personalized learning,” dating back centuries. .... it may be among the oldest pedagogies still in existence. And as it turns out, it is probably the single most powerful strategy for responding to learning loss."

Mathnasium of Santa Monica is ready to enroll your student right away, but maybe you aren't so sure..... Maybe you'd rather get an in-depth look at Mathnasium before you sign up your student. If you'd like to check out Mathnasium risk-free, then read on!

Each Mathnasium is independently owned and operated, so you'll want to check with your local center to see what is available. Perhaps you'll enjoy a free trial session, a free consultation, or a free assessment. All Mathnasium Centers are eager to meet with potential students and parents to discuss scheduling, pricing, and give tours. Call your local Mathnasium 310-829-7283.

Mathnasium of Santa Monica has been serving families all over Downtown Santa Monica, North of Montana, Sunset Park, Brentwood, West Los Angeles, North of Wilshire and getting great results. One parent said, "I am thrilled with the progress my son has made over the past 8 months. There have been several instructors at Mathnasium who have made a big impact on him as well. We are going into a new school year fully prepared. Thank you!" -J.M.

If you're ready to join our local Mathnasium family, sign up now for a Free Assessment!

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At Mathnasium of Santa Monica, families who are curious about what we do are welcome to visit the center to participate in a free consultation with our experienced and enthusiastic staff! With the school year underway, the question of math proficiency is more apparent than ever and Mathnasium’s unique, tailored approach to what each student needs will help parents understand where their student has gaps in their understanding, and provide a game plan to get them back up to speed. Students will enjoy face-to-face instruction from encouraging instructors and an environment that makes math fun to learn! We would love to invite your family in for an Assessment at no charge so you can experience the Mathnasium Method for yourself!