Math Tutoring Services and Homework Help

Dec 28, 2018 | Santa Monica

“I hate math!” “Math is so hard.” “I just don’t understand it.” “Am I ever really going to use Algebra in real life?”

If these are statements your student is making, you should consider the Mathnasium Method™. The Mathnasium Method™ is an interactive, tailored system built to help students succeed in math. It is offered at hundreds of learning centers across North America. At Mathnasium of Santa Monica, we want to help your student succeed through our innovative math tutoring and homework help.

Highly trained, qualified instructors

Each student is paired with an instructor who assesses the student’s current progress and tailors the instruction to begin there and build fundamentally until the student understands and is proficient in all concepts.

Tailored instruction plans and assessments

Upon entering the Mathnasium program, each student’s skills are assessed. A study plan is then created to enhance practice in the areas most needed and teach or re-teach concepts that are proving most difficult for the student.

Homework assistance

Our experienced Santa Monica instructors provide math tutoring and homework help to reinforce the lessons taught during school hours. By helping students understand key math concepts, homework can become an exciting challenge, rather than a dreaded task.

“I get it now!” “That makes so much more sense.” “I understand how to solve the problems.” Your student can be making these statements about math instead of complaints! Contact Mathnasium of Santa Monica for a free evaluation and information about summer and year-long math tutoring and homework help programs. We proudly serve the communities of Santa Monica, Malibu, West Los Angeles, Bel-Air, Pacific Palisades, and Westwood.