April: The Month to Celebrate Math!!

Apr 11, 2019 | Saratoga Springs


Did You Know that April is Mathematics Awareness Month?


April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month! Find out why this subject is so important it deserves an entire month of celebration, and how you can become more aware of the role math plays in your everyday life.

For most people, they are either on one side or the other regarding their feelings about math - they seem to love it or hate it.  But, do they really "hate" it?  Maybe it's just that they don't like the fact they don't understand it.  Maybe, they don't see any use for it once they finish school.  Either way, math is important and it's all around us.

"Unfortunately, interest in math educational programs has not kept up with increasing demand for graduates with a mathematical specialty. These are the people who would fill the jobs in the ever-expanding fields of computer science, tech entrepreneurs, online security, and so much more."

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