Back to School Anxiety: Math Edition

Aug 24, 2023 | Schertz

It's that time of year again -- back to school season! Last blog post, we spoke about the anxiety kids can have regarding returning to school and gave 5 tips to help minimize this feeling. This blog post will focus on the anxiety kids may be feeling in regards to math specifically. While some kids may be excited to see their friends and start learning again, others may feel a bit apprehensive about the upcoming school year. One subject that often causes stress and anxiety for students is math. However, with the right mindset and support, math can be a fun and engaging subject that students can excel in.

One way to help children develop a positive attitude towards math is to make it relevant to their everyday lives. Many students wonder why they need to study math and how it will ever be useful outside of the classroom. By showing them real-life examples of how math is used in various professions and daily activities, children can begin to see the practicality and importance of math skills.

For instance, baking is a great way to introduce children to the concept of measurements and fractions. By following a recipe and measuring out ingredients, kids can practice their addition, subtraction, and division skills. They can also see how fractions and ratios play a role in adjusting recipes and scaling ingredients. This hands-on approach to math makes it more tangible and relatable, helping kids understand that math is not just an abstract concept but a tool that can be applied to their everyday lives.

Another way to foster a positive attitude towards math is to make learning fun and interactive. Incorporating games, puzzles, and hands-on activities can make math more engaging and enjoyable for students. There are numerous math apps and online resources available that provide interactive lessons and games to help children practice their math skills in a fun way. By turning math into a game, students can develop a love for the subject and become motivated to learn and improve.

Math doesn't have to be a daunting subject for kids. By making it relevant to their everyday lives, incorporating fun and interactive activities, and providing support and encouragement, children can develop a positive attitude towards math and excel in the subject. With the right mindset and approach, math can become an enjoyable and rewarding part of the back to school experience for students.