Baseball: A Game of Numbers

Apr 14, 2021 | Schertz

Baseball is America’s sport, and it’s easy to enjoy - whether you’re a fan of the MLB or just enjoy watching your children play catch in the backyard. And as we’ve discussed baseball provides a great opportunity to develop your child’s math skills. 


Encourage your child to develop a love for both baseball and math with the following activities: 

  1. Track the Pitch Count - Your child can track a player’s pitch count throughout the game and determine which player has the highest or lowest pitch count 
  2. Count Stolen Bases - Your child can count and keep track of the number of stolen bases for each team. At the end of the game, your student can average the number of stolen bases and see who had a better average over the game 
  3. Estimate Attendance - Get your child to predict and estimate the number of people attending the game. Then, search online to find the actual number and see how close their estimation was. Doing this for different games can help to improve their number sense and estimation skills 
  4. Track a Favorite Player’s Stats - If your child has a favorite player, they can begin to keep track of the player’s batting average alongside other statistics. They can visit ESPN to view specific stats.


Whether your child is just counting to keep score of the game or calculating the player's batting average, it’s an amazing time to see math at play in a fun game of baseball. 

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