COVID Friendly Spring Break Ideas

Mar 18, 2021 | Schertz

Last week we talked about the importance of Spring Break, but we’d be remiss if all we did was say “take a break” without also offering some ideas for how to do that. Here are a few: 


Dinner Party - If you and your family have a certain vacation destination in mind, but don’t yet feel comfortable traveling, use that location to inspire a meal or two. 


Neighborhood Scavenger Hunts - Coordinate with your neighbors to put pictures in windows or objects on porches and lawns. Then, on your walk, you can find things along the way. 


Storytelling - Schedule a storytelling night. Children love to hear stories, find some new books, maybe some math inspired ones ;), and gather around. 


Spring Break Dance Party - Much like the dinner, and possibly a great after party to it, is a dance party. Make it a spring break dance party by playing music from your desired spring break destination.


Family Reunion - Host a family reunion via Zoom or Skype. Set a time for extended family to celebrate spring break together. Take turns telling stories, play games together, and share stories.


Throw a Tropical Party - Make paper leis and cups from coconut shells. Serve some smoothies, play some limbo, and hula! 


Take a Virtual Vacation - Many museums, historical sites, and tourist attractions are offering online tours. It is not the same as being there, but it might spark ideas for future spring breaks. 


Take a Trip at Home - It may be too hot where you live to spend a night under the stars, but consider setting up a tent indoors. During the day, you can take a walk, look for signs of wildlife, or identify plants. Pack a backpack with lunch and go on your outdoor adventure. Once it is dark, have a bonfire (if you can do that safely) and gaze at stars. 


Next week, we’ll be discussing the health benefits to enjoying Spring break!

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