February Kids Math Help Activity

Feb 6, 2021 | Schertz

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we should be all about finding opportunities to express our love and appreciation for the people and things that have a positive impact on our lives. At Mathnasium, of course this includes the subject of math itself!


We have seen firsthand that those who love and enjoy math are more successful in school and life. This is why we provide kids with math help in a way that allows our students to truly understand math, and often even come to love it!


The best educators understand that math, much like love, is a universal language. And as with all languages, you have to “speak” it a little bit every day. At Mathnasium we offer math tutoring that brings math into real world situations, and gives children the opportunity to practice it every day, in engaging and fun ways. 


This month, we want to share the fun in loving math with our Valentine’s Day activity, containing a page for lower elementary and a page for upper elementary. Just click on the link below to download and print! 


Valentine’s Day Math Activity

My Child Struggles in MathMy Child Excels in Math

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