How to Help Your Child Set, and Stick with Goals for the New Year

Jan 5, 2022 | Schertz

The New Year is upon us and presents a great opportunity to teach kids how to set and work steadily toward goals. However, kids may need some help creating meaningful and relevant goals they’ll be able to achieve. 


Everyone, at one point or another, has set an appealing goal, but fails to reach it for one reason or another. Which is why parents can help students craft a sustainable plan, we encourage doing this by following the SMART guidelines. 

  • Specific: The resolution should include your child’s goal, the skill they are working on, and how they can achieve it. 
  • Measurable: Help your child track their progress - you can use a chart or have them check in with you periodically. 
  • Attainable: The goal can be ambitious but it should also be realistic - something that will allow your child to grow without overwhelming them. 
  • Results-oriented: The goal should explain how your child will know that it has been met. 
  • Time-bound: Your child’s goal should indicate a reasonable time frame and include smaller goals along the way to keep them motivated. 

New Year’s is here and we should capitalize on the new beginnings it brings. Our next blog will discuss some math tips that will help your child this New Year.

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