Reasons to Study Math

Jul 1, 2021 | Schertz

Children, especially those that are not particularly fond of the subject, tend to ask themselves: “When will I ever even use math?” But what they don’t know is that there are plenty of everyday tasks that require math, like budgeting, planning a trip, cooking, and so much more. 


But in addition to this there are hundreds of careers out there that use skills learned in math on a daily basis. The ability to apply mathematical skills and concepts can be useful in almost every industry. Here are three key reasons to study math: 

  1. Math can be used to solve real world problems.    Problem solving is at the center of any career. 
  2. College math majors have some of the highest levels of job satisfaction. An education in math can lead to some of the most satisfying and rewarding careers out there, in a study conducted by ranked 200 careers based on job environment, income, outlook, and stress, and four of the top 10 jobs were directly related to math. 
  3. Math provides a solid foundation for advanced studies in other fields. Even if you picture yourself pursuing a career in a different field, studying math still has value. Candidates with knowledge of and a degree in math are often chosen for law, medicine, business, and engineering programs. 

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