Spring Break Is Necessary for Students’ Mental Health

Mar 10, 2021 | Schertz

As we discussed last week, we can all use a break! This week, we’ll expound on exactly why that is! 


According to Alina Health, vacations have more health benefits than one might think. Although not everyone may be comfortable going on vacations right now, vacationing at one’s home is still a vacation nonetheless, and a break from all the stressors of life. 


The article talks about the positives of vacations such as “improved mental health,” and “decreased burnout,” which are two top reasons to make sure that your children get what is as close to a real vacation as possible. 


It’s unhealthy to live our lives without a break. That would be putting our minds on overdrive. 


Ways to maximize you and your students Spring Break: 

  • Catch up on sleep 
  • Rest your brain. If you and yours have been studying intensely, reading, writing, analyzing, etc. It may be useful to rest those areas of the brain by doing different types of activities 
  • Minimize screen time, if possible. If your kids and you have spent a lot of time doing school and work on your computers, it may be useful to rest that part of your brain by doing different types of activities that don’t involve screens 
  • Eat well to fuel yourself properly and for optimal mental health
  • Reduce isolation by spending time with others safely, if possible 

According to Psychology Today, researchers discovered that just looking forward to a break is what “positively influences our mood” and gives us “happiness.”

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