Turn Opening Day into a Mathematical Experience

Apr 8, 2021 | Schertz

With spring upon us and baseball season in full swing, we wanted to give you and your students some questions to throw at your kids around the dinner table that center around baseball, but are really all about math:


  • How does one calculate a hitter’s batting average (the ratio of hits to official times at bat) or a pitcher’s earned run average (total earned runs multiplied by nine, then divided by the number of innings pitched)?
  • If it costs $30 to park and $10 in fuel to drive to and from the park, how much will a family of four save by taking public transportation at $3 per ride? And how many $4 sodas will those savings buy?
  • What is the perimeter of a baseball diamond (90 feet along each baseline times fours) or the pentagon that is home plate (it’s 58 inches)?
  • Do you know how to keep score during a baseball game?


Turn baseball into a mathematical experience for students of all ages. We are positive that these questions are bound to be a hit.

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