Why Kids Don’t Love Math

Feb 9, 2023 | Schertz

It’s a well-known fact that a lot of children dislike math. They often do not listen nor participate in their math class, they “forget” to do their homework, or they groan when you make them do some required reading. It is quite alarming how one school subject developed such a bad reputation among students, enough for them to shun mathematics altogether and forget its importance in later life.

As parents and educators to these youngsters, we want them to like and enjoy math, not just for them to do well in school but also for them to see how learning math develops many life skills that prepare them for the future. Before we can help our children love math, we first need to reach the root and understand why they hate math in the first place. Listed below are some reasons where this hatred and fear of math may come from.

  1. They do not see the importance of studying mathematics in the real world. Most kids don’t see how learning about math equations in the classroom could be applied in other fields or in solving real-world problems. Many fields are dependent on math concepts to answer their questions. And more than helping build a better understanding of our world, math also develops our problem solving skills, hard work, and diligence – all of which are needed for our children to succeed in the future.
  2. The negative perception of mathematics hinders children from learning. The general attitude of people towards math is that it is altogether difficult and stressful. While we cannot take away other people’s “bad” experiences with math, the bad things we say about math discourage our children from trying their best with the subject or even trying at all. What they need are supportive statements from their peers and teachers that elevate math; that while math may at times be difficult, their capabilities and hard work are enough for them to overcome the subject, and maybe even love it.
  3. They associate their bad experiences with the subject. Children do not just wake up one day suddenly hating math. Their disliking of the subject is learned throughout their years of bad experiences with math. All of the factors mentioned earlier contribute to give the subject such a bad reputation among its students. They may be associating the subject with a terror algebra teacher, a failed math exam many years before, or a boring class. For children to forget their bad experiences with mathematics, they need to be exposed to a different learning system or environment where they can develop a new liking for the subject and see the true value of mathematics in their lives, an environment like the one we provide at Mathnasium.

Several factors contribute to children disliking math, to the point that they hinder themselves from mastering the subject and developing some important life skills. One of the easiest and most effective ways to help your child love the subject is to have them learn mathematics in a healthy, productive, and encouraging environment. We at Mathnasium pride ourselves in effectively teaching math and helping children of different ages discover or rediscover a love and appreciation for mathematics.