7 Tips for Incorporating Math into Everyday Life

Jan 5, 2018 | Sharyland

One of the many complaints of students who are not fans of math is when I'm I ever going to use this? A great way to show your child that math is useful in all facets of life is to begin making it an important part of your everyday lives. Here are the top ways to incorporate math into your daily lives.


Teaching a child the concept of time can be confusing at first. Give your child time limits such as you need to be done at 2 PM, tell your child they have 15 minutes left before you leave the home and say “in two hours we will eat dinner”. Incorporating time periods of time into your daily life will greatly help kids understand this math concept.


There are multiple opportunities when shopping to incorporate math. Looking at how much things cost, making change and even determining a sale price via percentage off. Also having them help you with your budget will go a long way for them to understand the concept of money and how math is important when shopping.


Do you have a child that likes to build with blocks or Legos? Math can easily be incorporated in to these fun activities. Counting blocks, laying out a design and measuring are all great ways to incorporate math.

Cooking and baking

A very rewarding way to incorporate math is by having a child help with cooking and baking. Using measuring cups and spoons and counting out items for a recipe is a great way to integrate math into your daily life. The best thing about it is once the dish is done you get to enjoy it.


Looking at temperatures and temperature changes is also a great way to integrate math into your daily life. You could even keep record of temperature and how much it changes each day or from day into night. Another option is looking at the percentage of chances of rain or humidity levels.

Board games

Games are a great way to get the whole family together for some fun while incorporating math. Many board games involve counting, basic math facts and other math skills.

Arts and crafts

Any type of art or craft project requires some type of math. Whether it's measuring, counting or involves shapes math will be necessary. It is a creative way to have your child doing a bit of math.

Teach your children that math is an important and useful life skill If you incorporate math into your daily life through these various activities and tasks your child will never again say, "why do I need to learn math?"!