How to Say Good–Bye to Math Phobia

Jul 24, 2012 | Sharyland

Do the words “math homework” strike fear in your child? Or in you? Mathematics has been considered a challenging subject for many kids and has been feared erroneously.

In today’s world with both parents working, often parents just do not have the time or energy to help their children with Math homework. Or, if they do, it’s after a long day at work, after dinner and approaching bedtime. At that point, everyone is getting tired. It is easy for both you and your child to get frustrated and just “check out.” When that happens, a power struggle tends to ensue and then a whole host of other issues arise.

The major problem is that the child is not getting better in Math school work, is beginning to associate that evening struggle with Math as a whole and ends up experiencing Math as a burden. Often the struggle at the end of the day becomes unsuccessful, the parent–child relationship becomes tense and the student’s self–esteem goes down as the fear of Math expands.

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