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Jul 19, 2016 | Sharyland


Summer Session Mathnasium-Style

Jul 19, 2016

We're right in the middle of summer, and now's a good time to ask yourself what you've achieved so far, and what your goals are for the rest of the summer. If you currently have no plans for the rest of the summer or want to brush up on your math skills for the coming school year, it's not to late to sign up for the summer sessions at the Mathnasium of Sharyland

While most kids think of songs around the campfire or going to the beach when it comes to summer , the Mathnasium of Sharyland offers math games and a supportive, encouraging environment that will ensure a productive summer filled with math. So without further ado, here's some information about summer  sessions at the Mathnasium of Sharyland.

Math Tutor / Tutoring - Summer Camp

1. Summer sessions at the Mathnasium of Sharyland are flexibleone hour each session.  In the morning we have an additional game hour. As a result, you have plenty of time to hang out with friends and family as well as your other hobbies.

2. Our instruction is extremely personalized. During your first session, we give you an assessment to test what you currently know and don't know. Then, we find worksheets and packets to help you learn the material and be prepared for tests and assignments at school.

3. Our instructors are super qualified! With an average of a 3 students: 1 instructor ratio, you're guaranteed someone who can answer all your math questions, guide you through the concepts, and help you master the material. All of our instructors have lots of experience in math instruction, and are friendly, patient, and supportive!

We hope you have a relaxing yet productive summer! For more fun ways to learn math, visit the Mathnasium of Sharyland center.

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