Succeed with distinction!

Aug 4, 2015 | Sharyland


Why would you choose to blend in at school and in life when you can succeed with distinction?


Why would you choose to blend in at school and in life when you can succeed with distinction?

Let Mathnasium of Sharyland help nurture your child's natural love for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Students that really love math, excel at math, are in advanced math classes for their age, or have a naturally mathematical and scientific mind need a place to go to stimulate their inquisitive brains and allow them to satisfy their passion for learning. If you have a child that fits this description, then he/she will love coming to Mathnasium of Sharyland. We'll help challenge the future engineer, physicist, scientist, architect, or mathematician that resides inside your child.

A gymnasium develops the body. Mathnasium develops the mind. Would you take your daughter out of ballet as soon as she is as good as the otherdancers? Of course not. You would let her keep taking ballet as long as she enjoys it. The same idea is applicable to Mathnasium of Sharyland. Kids that are gifted in math or love math really enjoy coming to Mathnasium.

But what if your child has somehow fallen behind or is struggling to keep up? Mathnasium is here to help your child catch up, keep up, get ahead, and improve their confidence. Math builds upon itself lesson after lesson, and every step to solving a problem makes a difference. If your child misses concepts early on, problems intensify. Even more troubling, the biggest issues may not even surface until months later. Our assessment process can catch these underlying issues before they escalate. Fixing foundational problems, of course, takes time. The sooner you come in with your child, the easier it is for our expert team to help them improve their math skills and confidence. School homework becomes easier, math strugglesdecrease, your child may even get ahead in class, and most of all, they understand the math they are doing. That's why we say "your child could become crazy about math!"