Why Math Matters More Than You Think

Feb 5, 2018 | Sharyland

American test scores are relatively constant, but college entrance score requirements keep going up – especially in math. As the basis for in-demand industries like bioengineering, genetics and computer science, high math scores are crucial. Math proficiency is considered to be the best foundation and predictor of success in the sciences and when American students don’t measure up, universities are more than willing to accept foreign students that do.

The Education Gap with Schools and Universities

When traditional school instruction flatlines and college entrance standards become increasingly competitive, it creates a gap that traps far too many students.

Today, those who don’t excel in math find themselves barred from better universities – even though they intend to prepare for a non-science career. They can’t prepare for law, journalism, teaching, or whatever field they may be interested in pursuing, because universities require high math scores for acceptance, regardless of a student’s major.