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May 7, 2022 | Short Pump

At Mathnasium we know how vital it is for students to build a solid math foundation as early as possible. Middle school math classes will build upon the topics taught in elementary school. Any gaps in your child’s math knowledge will make it difficult for them to flourish in their middle school classes. This is also the time when students see a split in classes, with some kids starting algebra and geometry before high school.

We help students by meeting them on their level and teaching in a way that makes sense to each individual child. Our expert instructors will help fill in the gaps in your child’s math education while still addressing their current needs and preparing them for new math topics. After all, there’s no stopping the student who’s confident in math!

Middle School Math Topics

Topics covered by the Mathnasium Curriculum include:

Additionally, we help students understand their homework and prepare for school tests, standardardized tests, and school entrance exams.

By giving your child a firm foundation—and confidence—in math, Mathnasium can keep them from falling behind in the future and help them avoid the problems and upsets that falling behind can bring. 

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