Random Acts of Kindness Week

Feb 15, 2022 | Short Pump

It’s Random Acts of Kindness Week!

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Day each year on February 17th, and for the past few years the celebration has overflowed to last the entire week! Our team is always on the lookout for ways we can exercise our power to make a difference, both as a company and as individuals, and we’d like to empower you to do the same!

How You Can Get Involved at Home or School!

Small Actions

  • Give a compliment
  • Lend a helping hand to someone in need
  • Ask someone about their day
    • Then practice good listening habits when they respond!


  • Participate in a "pay it forward" initiative
    • Many local coffee shops have embraced this and have a way for you to purchase coffee or a pastry for a person in need!
  • Donate last year's winter coats and warm-weather clothing that aren't being used
  • Donate a book you've already finished to a little lending library


  • Find out if your local library, museum, or other community spot has a volunteer program
  • Look for monthly meetups that work together to beautify the community
  • Participate in an online letter-writing campaign

Whatever random acts of kindness you participate in, let us know if we can help! Mathnasium loves to support our local schools and community groups by providing event support and donations. We're also happy to help promote local collection and volunteer efforts on our social media pages! You can send any opportunities to [email protected] or call the center at the number listed above.