Teacher Appreciation Week 2022

May 3, 2022 | Short Pump

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2nd - 6th this year!

Teacher Appreciation Week (the first full week in May) is a time to honor teachers and recognize the lasting contributions they make to our lives. Here at Mathnasium, we champion that cause and we want to send our local teachers all of the appreciation they can stand!

We work alongside your students’ teachers throughout the year to fill in gaps and provide support for your students where it’s needed. We’re always amazed by the resourcefulness we see from teachers as they go above and beyond to engage with all of their students!

We’ll be celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week at Mathnasium by decorating Teacher Appreciation cards, sharing stories about our favorite teachers, and working with our local schools to provide some gift baskets and other treats to the teachers who have gone above and beyond this year. And you can help!

Decorate a Teacher Appreciation Card

Everybody enjoys hearing that they’re appreciated, and a card or a note is a great way to share your appreciation so that it can be revisited and remembered throughout the year. Mathnasium students are able to decorate a Teacher Appreciation Card during their visit, or you can print this one out and decorate it at home!

Download Teacher Appreciation Card

Nominate Your Favorite Teacher to Win a Gift Basket

This May we want to show our local teachers how much we appreciate them! Nominate you and/or your student’s favorite teacher and they could win a basket full of goodies from Mathnasium! 

To nominate a teacher for this prize:
✨ Visit one of our social media pages and find any of the Teacher Appreciation Contest posts
✨ Comment with your teacher nomination
✨ Make sure to include the NAME of the teacher as well as the GRADE and SCHOOL they teach at. (This is so we know where to deliver the prize if they win)
✨ We’d also love to hear about WHY you’re nominating this teacher!

Entries are being accepted during Teacher Appreciation Week, from May 2nd - 6th
The winner will be announced on our Facebook and Instagram pages on May 9th!


Learn More About Our Favorite Teachers

My favorite teacher was my 6th grade science teacher, Mr. Copeland. He was my favorite teacher because he encouraged us, his students, to be creative. I remember having lots more skit assignments that my friends and I had tons of fun making them. We learned the material through experiencing it ourselves, teaching our peers, and learning from our peers' skits. It was very engaging, fun, and made the content easy to learn and remember (plus, super smart on Mr. Copeland's part - minimal planning 😉  yet very effective teaching!).
-Jessica Ludwig, Center Director

My favorite teacher is Mr. Buddy Allen, my high school band director. To me, he was more than just a band director. Under his direction, I learned not only how to make music with my clarinet, but also some important life lessons I still carry with me. He was always giving lectures on how we shouldn't be quitters - how we should persevere. Of course, the lectures on quitting usually arose when someone was planning on quitting the band - something he frowned upon to the highest degree. I suppose the "quitting" lectures may have been meant to deter people from quitting band. Anyway, those lectures helped instill in me the importance of meeting challenges in life with determination and a resolve to just keep going even in the face of adversity.
-Amy K., Instructor 

My favorite teacher is Mr. Wiegand! He taught History and Drama at my High School during my Junior and Senior years. Not only did he have a talent for making history interesting and exciting (thanks to him, I have enough dual enrollment history credits to confuse all of my college math/engineering advisors), he also took the time to mentor students and talk to us about real-life topics. His wife actually hired me at my first job!
-Marissa Shaffer, Marketing Coordinator

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