Teacher Appreciation Week

May 3, 2021 | Short Pump

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3rd - 7th this year!

Teacher Appreciation Week (the first full week in May) is a time to honor teachers and recognize the lasting contributions they make to our lives. Here at Mathnasium, we champion that cause and we want to send your teachers all of the appreciation they can stand!

We work alongside your students’ teachers throughout the year to fill in gaps and provide support for your students where it’s needed. This year and last we’ve been amazed by the resiliency we’ve seen from teachers as they’ve redesigned their lessons to fit virtual classrooms and have gone above and beyond to engage with their students.

We’re celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week at Mathnasium by decorating Teacher Appreciation cards, sharing stories about our favorite teachers, and working with our local schools to provide some gift baskets and other treats to the teachers who have gone above and beyond this year. 


Decorate a Teacher Appreciation Card

Everybody enjoys hearing that they’re appreciated, and a card or a note is a great way to share your appreciation so that it can be revisited and remembered throughout the year. Mathnasium students are able to decorate this Teacher Appreciation Coloring Page during their visit, or you can print one out and decorate it at home!

Download our Teacher Appreciation Coloring Page


Nominate Your Favorite Teacher to Win a Gift Basket

This May we want to show our local teachers how much we appreciate them! Nominate you or your student’s favorite teacher and they could win a basket full of goodies from Mathnasium! 

There are 3 ways to nominate a teacher for this prize:


✨ Visit our Facebook Page and find the Teacher Appreciation Contest post (pinned to the top of our feed)

✨ Take a picture of your student creating a Thank You Card for their favorite teacher

✨ Post that photo in the comments section of this post

✨ Make sure to include the name of the teacher and which school they teach at


✨ Take a photo of your student creating a Thank You Card for their favorite teacher

✨ Post that photo on Instagram and tag us @mathnasiumofshortpump

✨ Make sure to include the name of the teacher and which school they teach at

✨ Ensure your privacy settings allow us to see the picture so we can count it as an entry


✨ Take a photo of your student creating a Thank You Card for their favorite teacher

✨  Email the photo to [email protected] along with written permission for us to share the photo on our social media pages! 

✨ Make sure to include the name of the teacher and which school they teach at

Entries are being accepted during Teacher Appreciation Week, from May 3rd - 7th

The winner will be announced on our Facebook and Instagram pages on May 10th!


Stories About Our Favorite Teachers

“My favorite teacher was my 6th grade science teacher, Mr. Copeland. He was my favorite teacher because he encouraged us, his students, to be creative. I remember having lots of skit assignments that my friends and I had tons of fun making. We learned the material through experiencing it ourselves, teaching our peers, and learning from our peers' skits. It was very engaging, fun, and made the content easy to learn and remember (plus, super smart on Mr. Copeland's part - minimal planning ;) yet very effective teaching!).”

-Jessica Ludwig, Center Director



“My favorite teacher is Mr. Grayson. He was my high school Chemistry teacher for 10th and 11th grade. He never failed to ask me about my day and make sure I was understanding the material. He went above and beyond for his students by coming in before school and staying late after just to answer questions. I am a very math-based learner and don’t pick up on conceptual things very quickly. Mr. Grayson would go out of his way and explain the concepts to me using math so I could better understand it. His classroom was always welcoming if I just needed a place to decompress or wanted to just talk. His enthusiasm about Chemistry reflected onto me and it is my favorite subject now. Mr. Grayson will always be a teacher to remember!”

-Genna B., Instructor


“My favorite teacher is Ms. Logan. She teaches Application Development for 11th graders in the IT center at Deep Run. She gives us loads of king sized candy of our choice every Friday. On Tuesday, my friend and I asked her if she had any spare candy from Fridays that we could have. She opened her drawer and took out at least 100 king sized Airheads and proceeded to get more candy of all different kinds and laid them out for us. We asked for spare candy and she provided us an entire candy shop.”

-Annika, Instructor


“My AP Calculus BC teacher in my junior year of high school, Mrs. Leighty, was my all-time favorite teacher. I absolutely loved sitting in her class. She was so kind and dedicated to her job. She made a very tough course seem fun. I have two especially warm moments that I still remember that I would like to share. One was when I did not do so great on a test and she allowed me to retake it. The second was when I was having trouble with a certain topic and I came to her after school one day to get some help. It was tremendously helpful, as I did very well on the following test on that unit!”

-Tejas S., Instructor


“My favorite teacher is Ms. Outler who taught me English in seventh grade! She always tried to make her classes fun and engaging. She was the most energetic teacher I’ve ever had. Her classroom was decorated like a living room and she gave us short writing prompts at the beginning of every class. She was also the advisor for the theatre club, and put in so much time and effort to make sure our plays went as well as possible! She even drove me home one night after a play when it was too dark for me to walk home alone. For my last play, she gave me a letter and photos she kept of me and our theatre group over the years.”

-Neda R., Instructor


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