Join Mathnasium of Snellville for Summer Math Programs!

Mar 19, 2019 | Snellville

Summer is quickly approaching and at Mathnasium of Snellville, we want to help your child find success in the new school year through our summer math programs and tutoring. During the summer break, students can lose math skills which is known as “the summer slide.” This can cause kids to have issues with their classes when they return for the new school year. At Mathnasium, we help students prevent the summer slide by offering math programs that are fun, engaging, and help them build solid math skills.

Mathnasium of Snellville’s math tutors provide summer programs in a low pressure environment that allows students to hone their skills and fill in learning gaps. Summer is a busy time of year for most families, but with our flexible scheduling, there are plenty of opportunities to bring your students in for tutoring and math help. We offer a variety of math workout programs including:

  • Numerical Fluency
  • Multiplication Fact Fluency
  • Fractions
  • Problem Solving
  • Algebra Readiness
  • Geometry Readiness

Help your student from falling backward in his/her math skills this summer by bringing them to Mathnasium of Snellville for our summer math programs with one of our experienced and professional tutors. We are here to help your child succeed in math year-round!