Mathnasium of Spokane Valley News!

Mar 15, 2024 | Spokane Valley

Q: What did you notice about your center/re the first time you came in?

Caty: The first thing I noticed was all of the prizes that students could earn! At the end of their sessions, students would be excited to look at the prizes and spend their star cards on toys, candies, clothes, stickers and more! You could tell they loved to be here.

Q: What is your favorite memory at your center/re?

George: My favorite memory was when I had a brand new student and could immediately feel their enthusiasm for the idea and concept of Mathnasium. They were so excited to learn math and did not want to leave!

Q: What’s your favorite part about your center/re?

Jerry Post: My favorite part about our centers are the instructors and administrators that I'm so fortunate to call our Mathnasium of Spokane team! Without them, we'd be just another tutoring center. But every day, I see them go above and beyond to make a new student feel welcome, or explain a math concept in a way that finally resonates, or help a student truly believe that they can succeed in school. Our staff is absolutely fantastic, and they're a blessing to both me and our hundreds of students!

Q: What time of year is the most fun at your center/re?

Jensen: My favorite time of year at Mathnasium is between Thanksgiving and the holiday season! The center goes all out on decorations, and everyone can feel the festive spirit in the air. There are decorations everywhere and fun themes of the week! It is a great time of year to be at Mathnasium!

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