4 Ways to Help Boost Your Students’ Confidence

Oct 21, 2020 | Stone Oak

Parents are the most influential people in their child’s life. When it comes to instilling self-confidence, the role of a parent in a child’s academic success is vital. Students who possess a healthy level of confidence are better equipped to deal with the stresses that math can present.


Parents can use several techniques to promote self-confidence in their children. By employing a few, or all, of the following methods, parents have a good chance of increasing their kids self-confidence. Keep reading for more insights. 


Help Your Child Quit Comparison

One of the worst things students can do is compare themselves to their peers. All students learn at different rates and possess their own strong suits. If a student compares their ability to quickly comprehend new math concepts to other students, they may start to lose confidence in their own abilities. Once your student stops this unhealthy habit, they will be able to focus on what is most important - LEARNING! 


Promote a Positive Mindset

Many children go into a downward spiral when they receive poor feedback or experience some difficulty while learning. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, help your student maintain a positive mindset. Help them realize that setbacks are learning opportunities. It means that even if a student is going through a challenging time, they know that things can only get better. 


Praise and Acknowledge Accomplishments 

Students who lack confidence have a tendency of focusing only on the negative aspects of their learning experience. Make it a point to praise and acknowledge students when they do something correctly. Praising your child lets them know that you are paying attention and helps them acknowledge their own small wins. 


Words Matter 

Be cognizant of how you describe your own experiences with math! Even if math was not your favorite subject growing up, avoid telling students that you were bad at math. Children can quickly internalize these beliefs as their own and can start to believe that maybe they just weren’t born with a “math brain”. Instead, remind your students that everyone can be good at math if they work hard and challenge themselves. 


Mathnasium helps build confidence in our students, but instilling and increasing this confidence starts at home. If you practice at least some of these ideas, you’ll discover your child will be better off in the long run. 

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