4 Ways to Keep Kids Learning Math Through the Holidays

Dec 17, 2021 | Stone Oak

When the winter holidays come around, everyone, parents and kids alike, is ready for a break from school. Although this time is special for family and friends, unfortunately, for students, it can be a time of setback. 


Fortunately, parents can help students avoid this setback. Below are some helpful tips for keeping the math alive over the holiday season in easy and fun ways. 


Travel: Many families already have plans to travel over the holidays, either to visit friends and family or for a change of scenery. Use this opportunity and invite your children to be a part of the travel plans by letting them map out the best route to get there. They can estimate the time it would take to get there and develop a schedule for the family based on the holiday activities. 


Holiday Toys: Have your children research the top holiday gifts from when their parents or other relatives were younger. For example, pick a year and have them find out the number one toy from that year, how much it cost, and let them find the difference or price increase over the decades. Kids can make a fun report to show their findings. 


Weather: Everyone, especially in Texas, has dreamed of a White Christmas. Have children discover how many times in the past 10, 20, or 50 years it’s snowed on Christmas morning where you live. 


Create Surveys: During holiday gatherings, have children create holiday surveys to collect data from family members and friends. Questions can be about holiday traditions or favorite side dishes or anything holiday related. Once the kids have collected the data, have them create graphs either on paper or online to show the results. 


Don’t let this break derail all of the hard work your child has been doing. 

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