5 Ways to Practice Math at a Baseball Game

Mar 17, 2022 | Stone Oak

Last blog post, we demonstrated how professional baseball is jam-packed with math, from the pitch count to the players’ stats. Baseball is an iconic sport in our country, it’s easy to enjoy, and provides a great opportunity to develop math skills.


Encourage your child to develop a love of math through baseball with these five activities: 

  1. Score a game - The easiest way to teach math at a baseball game is to teach your child the official way to score a game.
  2. Track the pitch count - Every pitcher has a pitch count, which is kept by counting the number of pitches thrown in each game. Your child can track a player’s pitch count throughout the game and see which player has the highest and lowest pitch count. 
  3. Count stolen bases - Your child can count and keep track of the number of stolen bases for each team. They can do this for several games or for a series. At the end of the games/series, they can average the number of stolen bases to see who had a better average over the games/series. 
  4. Estimate attendance - Have your child predict and estimate the number of people attending the game. Then, search online to find the actual number and see how close your child’s estimation was. Doing this for different games and ballparks can really improve their number sense and estimation skills. 
  5. Track a favorite player’s stats - If your child has a favorite player, they can begin to keep track of the player’s batting average and other statistics. Help them create a spreadsheet to track the player’s performance over a series or season.

These are amazing ways to open up your students' eyes to how important math is - even in a fun game of baseball.

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