Bringing Math into the Holidays

Dec 2, 2020 | Stone Oak

The holidays are the perfect time to make math practical at home with your family! There are recipes to be made - where those fractions come in handy, gifts to be bought - where mental math and budgeting are your best friends, and gifts to be wrapped - where geometry concepts come into play. 


The activities you can do with your child are endless, and you finally have the time off together to do them. Here are a few ways you can make math practical and fun during this holiday season! 



Whether you’re preparing a 7 course holiday feast or making a simple recipe, make sure to bring your child into the kitchen with you to play sous chef so you can make math practical together!


Gift Buying 

The holiday season is full of gift giving and shopping - make sure to involve your child in the budgeting and buying of gifts so they can work on their math skills! 


Gift Wrapping 

Gift wrapping is a great way to work with your child on measurements, geometry, and proportional thinking. Here are a few fun ways to make sure math stays front and center as you make your gifts gorgeous! 


Remember, math is not only relevant in a classroom setting - make it practical and fun at home as you enjoy this holiday season with your family!

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