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Jul 7, 2021 | Stone Oak

Last week we discussed three reasons to study math and we spoke about how math skills can open the door to a huge range of amazing careers. In fact, more often than not, most careers will build on the basic math skills learned in math. In this blog we are going to highlight some of these careers.



An animator is an artist who makes a movie from many still images and they can work in a variety of fields including film, television, video games, and the internet. Animators have to know many different math skills, like geometry and algebra, specifically linear algebra. Without animators and their knowledge of math concepts many of our favorite Pixar and Disney films would not exist. 



An astronaut is an individual who is specially trained to travel into outer space. Like animators, they have to know concepts from algebra and linear algebra, but also use concepts from more advanced math such as trigonometry and calculus. Astronauts use math in order to make very precise mathematical calculations, beginning with how their spacecraft will exit Earth’s atmosphere to how the actual astronauts will pilot the craft. 



A nurse gives medicine, changes bandages, helps patients, and provides other treatments. They regularly use addition, fractions, ratios, and algebra equations each day to help them deliver the correct amount of medicine to their patients or to monitor changes in their health. Their job would be virtually impossible without their knowledge of math. 


In addition to these three careers there are so many other jobs that will allow and require you to use math. So next time, you’re thinking: “When will I ever use math?” You’ll be able to answer!  

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