Come Celebrate Valentine's Day at Mathnasium!

Feb 9, 2017 | Stone Oak

Here are Mathnasium of Stone Oak, we love math, and we want your child to love it too!

That's why we've implemented a Valentine's Day Raffle. For the two weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, each Mastery Check your child completes will get them a ticket in our drawing on Tuesday, February 14th. We feel this not only motivates our students to work extra hard, but also teaches them that math can be fun, and so can hard work. Check out the pictures of our prizes, Raffle Basket, and goodies!

If you're new to Mathnasium, a Mastery Check occurs     every time a student has "mastered" a topic. It is a page they must complete without help (after first finishing an entire section on the same topic of course!) to show us here at Mathnasium they not only understand the topic but can put their knowledge into practice when we aren't around.

Our staff had estimated about 60 raffle tickets by Valentine's Day this year, but as of yesterday we already have 54 tickets! Talk about motivation! We still have 4 more days of hard working students; we couldn't have hoped for better. We might even need to make a special trip for some more prizes!

Our Valentine's Day Raffle is just one of the ways we make learning math fun. Check back soon to see what we have going on for our next Holiday: Pi Day!