Fighting the Summer Slide from Within Your Own Home

Jun 10, 2021 | Stone Oak

In our last blog, we spoke about the dreaded, and without guidance, dangerous “Summer Slide”. With Mathnasium and Mathnasium@home students can begin to make up lost ground, avoid the learning loss that typically accompanies summer break, and get ahead for the next academic year. But we are aware that the battle to fight the summer slide doesn’t take place in our center alone, but in your homes as well. So you can join us in this fight, we are reminding all of you of some ways for you to assist your students. 

  1. Structure is key with a designated school space, routine, and resources all in one place
  2. Have your student create a daily checklist of what needs to be accomplished for that day, along with a section for assignments and projects that are more long term
  3. Set up time frames for tasks and use a timer if needed, try to build in times for movement and breaks


Empower your children. Your kids know a lot about how things work at school and how the structure is set up, so put that knowledge to use! Give them a chance to offer input to what their structure looks like. The atmosphere in your house is important, try considering: 

  • Where do the students work? In what room is most effective? 
  • What materials will your students need in front of them to effectively carry out their work? 


Schedule-making can be a learning process. For children in 3rd grade and up, create a schedule with them that enables them to understand what it means, how to use it, and when to take breaks. Allow them to see the whole picture and then help break it down into smaller steps. 


Together we will make sure that your student stays on track and gets ahead!

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