Frustration Doesn’t Need to Be a Part of Math

Sep 24, 2020 | Stone Oak

“It’s too hard” 


“I’m not good at math”


“I can’t do it”


When students start out at Mathnasium these are phrases that students are all too familiar with. When students are having difficulty with math, they become frustrated, and begin to respond with these phrases or they stop trying altogether. 


Although this frustration isn’t all that surprising, what is surprising is how often parents also echo this sentiment to teachers. We as educators and parents cannot accept these explanations for or from our students. At Mathnasium, we want to work with parents to help our students reduce and eliminate their frustration and build their confidence. 


So how do we get students to believe that they are “math people”? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Remind students that intelligence is malleable and that with enough determination they can excel in math 

  2. Get your students to do more math! Practice really does make perfect and success creates the willingness to try more

  3. Take advantage of resources like Mathnasium, where we will support your student and allow they to progress at their level, at their own pace

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