Fun Thanksgiving Trivia Using Numbers!

Nov 20, 2017 | Stone Oak

Fun Thanksgiving Trivia Using Numbers

Our Thanksgiving celebrations have changed dramatically since the first Thanksgiving. The pilgrims and Wampanoag tribe at the first Thanksgiving feast were celebrating their first autumn harvest. In modern times most Americans buy food for their Thanksgiving feast at a grocery store.

Instead of hunting and harvesting our food we spend our time cooking, eating, shopping, watching football, and traveling. At Mathnasium of Stone Oak we always like to add a little math to the mix of holiday fun too.

Try our fun quiz to see how much you know about Thanksgiving. If you are a current student, tell us a math fact related to Thanksgiving this week an extra FIVE stars. The fact can be from the quiz or one you learn on your own.

Match the descriptions with the right numbers to learn some trivia. Check your answers with the answer key to see how much you got right.  

  1. Number of turkeys eaten on Thanksgiving Day
  2. Pounds of turkey eaten by the average American in one year
  3. Typical weight of a wild tom turkey
  4. Typical weight of a farm raised tom turkey
  5. Number of people who go shopping the weekend after Thanksgiving
  6. Number of calories on a full plate of traditional Thanksgiving feast
  7. Number of pumpkin pies eaten at Thanksgiving
  8. Year of the “first Thanksgiving”
  9. Number of Americans who will travel more than 50 miles for Thanksgiving.
  10. The first year football was played on Thanksgiving


  1. 13
  2. 16-24 pounds
  3. 99,000,000 (99 million)
  4. 50,000,000 (50 million)
  5. 2,500
  6. 1621
  7. 46,300,000 (46.3 million)
  8. 51,650,000 (51.65 million)
  9. 30 pounds
  10.  1876


Answer Key.

  1. 8
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 9
  5. 3
  6. 5
  7. 4
  8. 6
  9. 8
  10. 10

We hope you liked our quiz and maybe learned some new trivia. For extra credit put the numbers in order from least to greatest.

To learn more about the first Thanksgiving meal click here.

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