How Your Student Can Build Better Study Habits in 2021

Jan 20, 2021 | Stone Oak

Are you or your student prepared for classes this year with an effective daily routine and solid study habits? If you and your students are feeling overwhelmed or behind when it comes to balancing school assignments, extracurriculars, and everything else on your schedule, it may be a great time to develop and follow a new study schedule to help your student manage their time, improve their focus, and help them to better retain the material. 


Here are 6 study habits to establish this year…

  1. Make studying a part of your routine. Dedicate a set time each day to working on homework and studying math concepts. Schedule study sessions for before or after your extracurricular activities here at our math learning center. 
  2. Prioritize your tasks. Your study sessions may vary each week depending on the subjects that require the most attention. For example, one week you might need to dedicate more time to math and the next more so on english. Which makes it important to stay organized and make sure to constantly evaluate your priorities. 
  3. Get adequate rest. Studying when you’re feeling drained and exhausted is not as effective as when you are feeling well rested and energized. Avoid cramming and pulling all-nighters, as tempting as it may seem. You will produce more quality work when you are rested and alert. 
  4. Take great notes and review them. Adopting good study habits starts in the classroom. Make sure you are taking detailed notes so you remember what you need to review. 
  5. Structure your day. If you are doing school virtually, make sure to strategically structure your day. Map out each of your classes and break down your study time into segments that work best for you. Make sure to take breaks as you need to so you can rest your mind and come back energized. Possibly, consider taking 30 minute to 1 hour study blocks with 5 to 10 minutes study breaks in between. 
  6. Write down your goals. January is the month for goal setting, so write down your academic goals. Are you wanting to bring up a grade? Make all As? Study for your SATs? Whatever your goals may be, make them plain and come up with a strategy to achieve them! 

Let our team assist you in building and fostering these and other new study habits and goals this year! 

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