Is a C in Math Class Good Enough?

Nov 29, 2017 | Stone Oak

Does a report card tell you enough?

It’s report card day and your child gets a C in math. Is a C good enough? What does a C, or any grade, really mean? A grade of “C” is especially ambiguous.

Grading is an imperfect system. Letter grades should communicate how much of the curriculum a student has mastered. That isn’t always the case.

Grading is somewhat subjective. There are differences among states, districts, schools, and even teachers for the criteria of earning a particular grade. C level work in one school may be B or D level work somewhere else. Some students get Bs and Cs without really learning the material. They just learned how to “game the system” at school. Some students master the material and still get Cs because they don’t show what they know. They often have missing assignments, poor attendance, or lack test taking skills.

Should You Worry if Your Child Gets a C in Math?


Your child might be learning everything just fine, but may still need to improve their ability to function in the school system. Find out if your child consistently turns math assignments in on time. Find out if they do poorly on timed tests, but fine on tests that are not timed. Do they suffer from “test anxiety?” Or maybe your child is actually struggling with the math concepts, but has done extra credit to maintain the grade. 

How will you know?

3 Ways to Get More Information

  1. Ask your children how they feel about math. Not liking, feeling anxious, or bored with math indicates a problem. They might not be getting adequate support. They might also not be getting enough challenging material to stimulate their interest.

  2. Ask the teacher for more information. Most teachers know much more about a child’s situation than they can communicate in a letter grade, or even in a comment. Tap into their expertise.

  3. Bring them into Mathnasium of Stone Oak. We will give them a comprehensive assessment and then talk with you at length about their strengths and weaknesses. Please call first so we can be ready for you. Our number is 210-404-0123.

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