Math Takes Root-Activity Included!

Apr 5, 2017 | Stone Oak

It's Spring, and even though we are getting closer to Summer Vacation, there is still so much time to improve--and celebrate!--our math skills.

Have you gone shopping this week? Thought about your favorite baseball player's batting average? Baked a cake? If so, you've been doing MATH!

Math is everywhere, in almost everything we do. Most of the time we don't even know we're doing it! This spring, we challenge you to think about all the ways you use math every day. You'll be surprised at how many opportunities there are to fortify your math foundations, practice your skills, and let math take root in your life!

To help you recognize these life-math opportunities, get some prizes, and have FUN, we invite you to explore our Math Takes Root spring activity! 

Download the activity packet (here) and fill in your Math Takes Root tree by completing your choice of six of the math-related activities listed on each cluster of leaves. As you finish each task, cut out the cluster and stick it onto the trunk and branches. Once your tree is complete, bring it into Mathnasium for a free punch card or snack!