The Importance of Study Breaks

Mar 25, 2021 | Stone Oak

This month we’ve been talking about why Spring Break is still so important and different ways you can safely enjoy it. This week we will express the importance of study breaks, because breaks shouldn’t just be confined to a couple of weeks during the school year.


When sitting down for long hours of study, after sitting down for long hours of school, it is important to remember to take regular breaks to prevent study fatigue setting in. But how exactly do they help?


What are the benefits?

It can be easy for your students to burn themselves out while studying - spending hours working on an assignment or project without respite. Taking regular breaks can help to prevent study fatigue and keep you focused. These breaks allow your students to refresh their minds and improve creativity, as well as helping their attention and regain their motivation.


Below are some tips on how to make the most out of your child's breaks: 

  • Duration: One of the most common mistakes students make when taking a break from their studies is letting the break run too long. Having breaks that are 15–20 minutes long are ideal but try to avoid them going for longer than that, as your child will be more likely to lose the motivation to return to their studies. Timers can be a useful tool to help prevent you from over extending your break.
  • Move around: Sitting at a desk for hours can be a strain on your body, leading to stiffness and tiredness. Exercising during study breaks is an ideal way to prevent your student’s body from becoming tired and sore. Stretching or taking a short walk will help get blood flowing and re-energise them in the process. Getting out in the fresh air can help to clear their head and improve their mental well-being as well.
  • Do a different task: Performing a different task can often feel like a break because, depending on the task, your students might be using different parts of their brains

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