Tips and Tricks for Parents with K-5 Kiddos!

Jul 3, 2017 | Stone Oak

Tips and Tricks for Parents with K-5 Kiddos: Problem Solving!


Children become good problem
solvers when they are asked to solve a broad range of problems early on, at home and at school. Start with easyquestions; let the level of difficulty increase as the child’s ability grows.

Ask children questions like:
• “I’m 38 years old, and you are 6. How old will I be when you are 10?”
• “If 3 pieces of candy cost 25 cents, how much do 6 pieces cost? ... 9 pieces?”
• “How many pieces can you buy for a dollar?”
• “Which would you rather have: 1 piece of candy bar cut into 3 equal–size
pieces, or 1 piece of the same candy bar cut into 6 equal–size pieces? Why?”
• “How can you share 6 candy bars evenly with 3 kids?”
• “How can you share 2 candy bars evenly with 3 kids?”
• “A boy and a girl went to the movies. They spent half of the money they had
for their tickets, and they spent half of what they had left on snacks. Finally,
they had $5.00 left. How much money did they start with?”
Questions like these help a child’s thought processes become animated. Try it.You’ll see!
Exposing children to word problems verbally helps them think critically, and also creates a positive association between problem solving and math!