What is the Summer Slide and How to Beat it?

Apr 8, 2022 | Stone Oak

Summer break is the best time for kids to kick back, play outside, and relax. However, all of the free time can lead to children experiencing a summer slide. A summer slide is the tendency for students to lose some of the knowledge and achievement gains they made during the previous school year due to summer break. Experts cite that this summer slide hinders kids progress when they head back to school. 


Leah Shafer in the article ‘Summer Math Loss’ available on gse.harvard.edu, points out that the learning loss in math is much sharper than in other subjects because unlike routine reading activities that are part of family’s fabric in daily life, math activities aren’t. The teachers in school have to give up several weeks of class time to help children make up for almost 2.6 months’ worth of math learning loss over summer.



Although the summer slide is very prevalent to a student's learning, there is a way to help students stay on track even in summer. Research shows that loss of learning in the summer can lead to less self confidence, lower test scores, and a lower chance of high school and college success. Mathnasium will help your student stay on track and reach success and achieve goals throughout the summer. Instructors at Mathnasium are there to help offer activities and goals throughout the summer for any student regardless of where they are at. 


Signing your child up for Mathnasium will keep them on track throughout the year. Both students and parents will ultimately be thankful that they were able to improve their math skills during the summer and avoid the summer slide that many other students experience. 


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