Math Tutoring Services and Homework Help

Dec 28, 2018 | Summerlin

Whatever level your child is at in math, the Mathnasium Method™ is capable of boosting their confidence and math skills. With many locations across the U.S. and Canada, our team is committed to breaking down math concepts so they can be taught and understood. At Mathnasium of Summerlin, we are dedicated to providing math tutoring and homework help to students throughout Las Vegas.

We know how kids learn math

Our Las Vegas math instructors are trained specifically in creating a perfect learning environment for your child, paired with customized math tutoring and homework help. Our Mathnasium centers are kid-friendly, allowing your young student to learn and grow in mathematics. Each of our lessons builds off each other, providing foundational building-blocks that increase self-esteem and knowledge related to math for our students.

After determining your child’s math challenges, we then create a map for success

Our Mathnasium team meets children at their math-level, wherever that is. The first step is our assessment process, which includes highlighting where they need help the most. Then, they are ready to start our program, where their progress will be checked periodically to ensure they are being helped effectively. Our positive and friendly approach allows students to feel motivated about improving their math skills, while following their exciting progress using our own tracking tools!

We take the stress out of homework

Part of the Mathnasium Method™ includes dedicated homework time for each student. By providing positive coaching along the way, we reinforce that homework can be a welcome challenge, rather than a time for stress or conflict.

Our whole team is dedicated to helping your child catch up and excel in math. Whether your child’s individual needs are related to homework or some other math concept, you can reach out to Mathnasium today for a free evaluation. When you call us at Mathnasium of Summerlin, we can tell you more about our summer and year-long math tutoring and homework help programs in Las Vegas.