2016 Trimathlon is a Great Success!

Nov 7, 2016 | The Woodlands

2nd and 3rd grade participants:

4th and 5th grade participants:

4th and 5th Grade Particpants

Nearly fifty local students in grades 2-5 competed in the annual TriMathlon at Mathnasium of The Woodlands on Saturday, November 5th 2016. The TriMathlon was created to give students in the elementary grades a chance to compete and to be recognized for their Mathematical talent. Mathnasium also uses this event to give back to the community. Each participating student earned a $10 donation from Mathnasium to PTOs at local schools.  Nearly $500 will be donated as a result of this event. 

Thanks to our local PTOs and school teachers for helping us get the word out about this exciting event!

The students had a great time! Congratulations to all participants and to the winners in each grade level:

2nd Grade:

  • Arush Sunkavally, 1st Place
  • Cade Kaiser, 2nd Place
  • Feahna Santesson, 3rd Place

3rd Grade:

  • Rayhan Papar, 1st Place
  • Tavish Quinn, 2nd Place
  • Irene Qian, 3rd Place

4th Grade:

  • Gregory Barth, 1st Place
  • Ella Cho, 2nd Place
  • Alejandro Lazalde, 3rd Place

5th Grade

  • Colin McCabe, 1st Place
  • Raamesh Balabhadrapatruni, 2nd Place
  • Shreyas Vatts, 3rd Place