October Student Achievements

Nov 14, 2017 | The Woodlands

Here are the wonderful school achievements of our students in October!

Sofia Almanza 90% Progress Report
Noah Altenhofen 78% Variables
Noah Altenhofen 87% Report Card
Noah Altenhofen 97% Linear Equations
Gabriel Arias 100% Coverting Fractions to Percents
Gabriel Arias 100% Fractions - Multiplying and Dividing
Gabriel Arias 91% Multiplying Fraction Models 
Moyo Bakare 100% Multiplication
Sylvanna Bello 100% Linear Equations
Sylvanna Bello 91% Domain and Range
Sylvanna Bello 92% Point-Slope
Abigail Bishai 92% Adding and subtracting Decimals
Abigail Bishai 92% Review Test
Anastasia Bishai 96% Variable Equations
Olivia  Cupp 100% Multiplication
Olivia  Cupp 100% Properties of Addition
Olivia  Cupp 90% Decimals
Jacob Daniels 106% Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
Amrit Dhamija 82% Addition and Subtraction
Katrina Engelman 98% Math
Gabriella Fink-Rojas 100% Pre-Algebra test
Amber Garner 98% Inequalities
Colin Glaze 90% Math Review
Colin Glaze 92% Quiz on doubles facts
Colin  Glaze 100% Fact Fluency
Colin  Glaze 86% Rounding and Estimating
Adrian Gonzalez 85% Multiplying Decimals
Regina Gonzalez 100% Place Value
Alexander  Hazos 91% Order of Operations
Oliver Hazos 100% Math
Eve Higgins 100% Decimals
Jimena Huaman 95% Linear Equations
Claire Jones 100% Report Card
Zahid Khan 96% Unit 2 test
Zaid Khan 100% Linear Equations
Dara Kolade 100% Math
Jonathan Lee 101% Tables, Graphs and Functions 
Stacey Love 98% Slope
Kianaaz Moozoun 90% Multiplication and Division of Fractions
Arnav Nair 90% Recursive & Explicit pattern rules
Arnav Nair 94% Slope, intercept, graphing
Neha Nair 102% Dividing
Neha Nair 98% Multiplying Decimals
Neha Nair 98% Multiplying Decimals
Presely  Page 93% Multiplication Fact Check
NIshant Palasamudram 101% Functions
Nishant Palasamudram 103% Functions
Nishant Palasamudram 103% Word Problems 
Nishant Palasamudram 105% Vocabulary 
Nishant Palasamudram 94% Functions
Nishant Palasamudram 94% Slope 
Sruthi Panja 97% Linear Equations
Dilan Patel 90% Dividing
Dilan Patel 93% Multiplying Decimals
Ria Patel 100% Decimals 
Sara Peavy 95% Properties of Decimals
Abishek Rathnakumar 102% Linear Equations
Celeste Reus 100% Multiplying Fractions
Sebastian Rivera 99% Scientific Notation
Tayton Robinson 100% Fractions
TJ Robinson Excellent Report Card
Gabriella Rosa 91% Pre-Algebra
Feahna Santesson 95% Mixed Topics
Sutton Schmidt 90% Addition and Subtraction
Sofia Scholfield 100% 3 by 2 Multiplication
Ella Scott 90% Math Review
Ella  Scott 100% Addition and Subtraction Review
Ethan Scott 94% Linear Equations
Ethan  Scott 104% Literal Equations 
Ethan  Scott 99% Equations
Cassandra Shea 80% Decimals, Fractions, Mixed Numbers
Brahmani Siddamreddy 100% 1 to 4 digit multiplication
Brahmani Siddamreddy 88% Addition and Subtraction
Brahmani Siddamreddy 98% Multiplication
Ninnette Sokhon 95% Equations and Inequalities
Amelia Sosa 105% Dividing, rounding Decimals
Lilia Warner 100% Functions
Shreyas Yenneti 94% Decimals and Fractions
Faizan Zameer 100% Decimals and Place Value
Faizan Zameer 100% Multiplication


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