Our Students' December Math Achievements

Dec 29, 2016 | The Woodlands

Congratulations to our students for their wonderful achievements in December!

Ela Albuz 93% on Math Benchmark
Sofia Almanza 100% Financial Literacy quiz
Sofia Almanza 90% Financial Literacy test
Sylvana  Bello 100% Math Review
Sylvanna  Bello 93% on Mid Term
Audrey Conley 99% Algebraic equations test
Destiny Crux 90% Fraction test
Zachary Diaz A+ Algebra test
Alexander  Hazos 89% Addition, subtraction and multiplication test
Destiny Heshmati 97% Simplifying fractions with variables test
Ella Howard 97% on Math Benchmark
Anurag  Iyer 97% Integer properties and operations test
Anurag  Iyer 96% Integer Operations test
Anurag  Iyer 100% Graphing and plotting test
Cade Kaiser 100% Addition test
Sana Khan 94% on Fall Midterm Exam
Sana Khan 96% Scatter plot, trendlines, and system of equations test
Sana  Khan 100% System of equations test
Zahid Khan 93% on Math Benchmark
Zaid  Khan 92% on Inequalities, Integers and Order of Operations test
Alejandro Lazalde 100% on Algebraic Expressions
Frankie Leibel 85% Math test
Regina Lopez 94% Math test
Stacey  Love 95% Finacial literacy test
Abby Mendenhall 100% Algebraic Fractions
Grey Mendenhall 96% Fraction test
Grey Mendenhall 98% GCF and LCM test
Grey Mendenhall 100% Mixed Numbers and Improper fractions test
Neha Nair 100% on Math Benchmark
Nikki Nalamalapu 100% Algebraic Properties test
Ksenia Nation 90% Math Test
Ethan  O'Leary 935 Fraction test
Sara Peavy 98% Computations test
Sydney Prueter 83% Algebraic expressions test
Olivia Quelly 88% Math Final
Abishek Rathnakumar 93% Math Review Test
Jake Sampler 100% Graphing Units test
Sanjan Sarang 97% on Multiplication test
Marielle Sauber 96% Fraction with variables test
Olivia Sauber 98% Fraction with variables test
Ella Scott 100% Addition and subtraction  test
Houston Scott 100% Mth Benchmark Test
Chad Sokhon 96% Pythagorean Theorem 
Ninette Sokhon 90% Math Benchmark
Amelia Sosa  91% Decimal, fractions and word problem test
Amelia Sosa  92% Fraction and Decimal test
Ashley  Torruella 100% Multiplication, rounding, arrays
Shreyas Vatts 100% Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers
Sydney Woodfin 86% Fraction test